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Veritas Christi Hybrid Academy at Latham Park is a Middle School and High School that offers excellence in classical Christian education for the Rockford, IL area for grades 6-12. We are a community of learners, with two days of in-class, Socratic-style instruction and three days of at-home independent work. We provide the teaching, assignments, and grading, while parents help with time management and checking over work as needed. We provide the structure and environment to prepare students for critical thinking in adulthood and to prepare them well for a top-tier university education. We work to customize educational tracks to each child’s unique needs and abilities upon request. We help cultivate students’ gifts so they can effectively build the kingdom of God.

We are alive and thriving in 2024! Many families are finding what we offer here to be a much better alternative to remote learning or isolating school situations. Come join us in a joyful, vibrant, hope-filled positive Christian environment.

A brochure for the Academy that shows the schedule for fall of 2024 is here, for 2023 is here, and for 2022 is here. Here is a short video made by one of our students, Nathan Temple, shows interviews of fellow students and teachers. An end of year video highlighting projects and interactions is here. Please drop us a mail or call us about your interest in the school - we're happy to get to know you and welcome you in! Registration is open for the 24-25 school year. The early bird registration discount had ended. Please call us at the number below if you're interested or have any questions.

Preliminary schedule F23-S24


Our F23-S24 student leaders were:

  • President: Zac C.
  • Vice president: Bella A.
  • Secretary: Claire H.
  • Treasurer: Kaitlyn F.
  • Bakers: Maria J., Clara P., and Rose L.

For fun, here's a video that captures how the Spirit inspires people of many places to join their voices together in praise of our God and in prayer to revive this land.

Here is the recording of No Church in Churchville, performed in March 23 of 2024.

Veritas Christi offers individual classes without requiring full-time registration. There are some classes and extracurriculars that are especially oriented to those who may wish to "try out" Veritas Christi, listed below:

  • Projects Class — focused on hands-on design, problem solving, craftsmanship, practical home maintenance, and team building. Great for confidence building.
  • Physical Education — meets Thursdays 3:45-4:45, focused on co-ed team sports, fosters skills development and collaborative team spirit in Christian charity.
  • Theater - focused on public speaking with expression and theatrical productions
  • Action — purposeful action in service of others, joining a national effort to develop skills to build the Father’s kingdom. Generally meets 2nd and 4th Fridays.


We had an anonymous donor contribute toward a billboard posting at 173 and 251 during 7/27-9/22 in 2021. The image used is that at the top of this page. We are all created free, in the image and likeness of God. Thankfully, in this country, we have the opportunity to be free for living out who we were created to be. Pinning our happiness on freedom from undesirable circumstances put us on a precarious path that most fall off of.

We are a 501(c)(3), and our EIN is 61-1794514. All contributions, e.g. toward scholarships, are tax deductible. You can also make VCH receive a portion of your orders by using and selecting Veritas Christi Hybrid Academy as the charity.